Posted by: devonhamilton | August 27, 2010

Things on the go…

I was putting off writing a new post because I haven’t completely scratched anything off my to-do list yet, but I have a lot of things half done! To update…

  1. Fundraising Part I: Fundraising is going well so far. I am more than half way to my goal. Special thanks to my recent donors for their generous donations: Dianne, the Karolyi family (for an awesome game of Balderdash as well), Diana Freck, and Lauren Simpson. I also put a deposit down myself since I was under a deadline, but hopefully I can fundraise some of that back!
  2. Fundraising Part II: It looks like we  are going to be throwing a fundraiser. Choosing between two dates right now – Sept 16 or Sept 23. Will definitely be posting a lot more about this when its all confirmed.
  3. Flights: I am STILL waiting to book my flight. Prices went up so I am waiting patiently for them to go down. My stopover in Amsterdam with KLM might actually turn into a stopover in London with British Airways. We’ll have to see who is cheaper. I haven’t been to either city so it’s win-win for me! Fingers crossed that on Monday I will have something booked – even though I have been preparing for this trip so much, it doesn’t seem real until the flights are confirmed and paid for!

That’s all for now. Next week I will be meeting with a couple of friends that have been to Ghana. The first is one of my classmates from Humber that went to Ghana with YCI, so that should be extremely helpful! The second is one of my former coworkers from my experience in Nemaska, Quebec who has also spent time in Ghana.

Lastly, if you are planning on donating, there is no need to wait!

Happy weekend!

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