Posted by: devonhamilton | September 21, 2010

Two weeks!

I can’t believe that two weeks from now I will be in Ghana! It is both crazy and amazing! It seems like just yesterday I was counting down from two months.

I had my final travel doctor appointment last week so I am fully immunized. I needed quite a few since some of my childhood shots had expired (at least those were free).

I took my first dose of Dukoral tonight. Dukoral is used to fight cholera and traveller’s diarrhea, although it doesn’t give you 100% immunity, and I have heard mixed things from people who have taken it (I have never taken it before). You take it twice – once two weeks before you leave and then again a week later. The box of Dukoral contains a powder packet and a vaccine in a vial. You mix the powder with a glass of water, shake the vial (the vaccine) and pour it in, and then mix it all together. It ends up being a really sweet carbonated drink that tastes like berries. I have yet to start my malaria pills – they begin one week prior to departure.

Our fundraiser is this Thursday so we had a meeting about that today. We have some really great prizes so I think it will be a good night. It’s my first time co-hosting a fundraiser so it’s been a good learning experience to see everything that goes into putting an event like this together. I’m going to try and get a few more raffle prizes in the next couple of days. We’re also trying a 50/50 draw which I have never done before. It looks like we are going to have a pretty good turn out and it will be great to see everyone together before I leave!

I have been procrastinating completing my pre-departure assignments, but I am telling myself I will do them tomorrow and Wednesday. I will post some of my research on the current development context of Ghana after I do a bit more research.

I’m battling a bit of a cold right now – I hope once I beat this that I don’t get sick again!

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