Posted by: devonhamilton | September 30, 2010


Ghana is only a few days away now! After the fundraiser I was in excited mode, but the past few days I have been feeling nervous and stressed out. Not about anything in particular, just about everything. I think I’m a little overwhelmed. I had a conference to attend today, TEDxToronto, which seemed like a good idea when I applied a month ago. As I was leaving today all I could think about was all the errands I still have to do and little things I need to pick up (not to say that the conference wasn’t awesome – it was – TED rocks!).

I am definitely going through the “pre-departure up and downs.” I feel like there are a million things going through my mind and it seems like there aren’t enough hours in a day! 

Tomorrow I’m picking up the last few things off my packing list, and getting my bag packed. I think I have to cut the clothes I was intending to bring in half! I have a few family visits to make tomorrow too. Somehow even with two and a half months to prepare I managed to leave everything until the last few days, so typical. I did finally finish my pre-departure assignment though.

In terms of culture shock (as shown in picture above), we covered the stages of culture adaptation extensively in class. I’ll be sure to write about them as I encounter them. I know in Nemaska my coping mechanisms were journalling (still need to pick something up for this trip), and walks with my Ipod (Discman at the time haha). I’ll also have a good support system in Ghana.

Anyway.. looking forward to finishing up my packing and getting these nerves out of the way!

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