Posted by: devonhamilton | October 3, 2010

Last Night in Toronto…

It’s almost time! It’s my last night in Toronto… which I’ve been excited about and dreading at the same time. It’s nice to finally be going to Ghana, but goodbyes are never easy! Here are three boys I’m going to miss (in no particular order):

…and of course all my other friends and family too, who I didn’t think to take pictures of today. In leaving my packing to the last minute I’ve also realized I have no idea where my camera charger is, and I’m not sure if I’ll have time to get one tomorrow. My battery is full right now and my computer may or may not charge my camera (?!?!) so I’m just going to roll with this…. I am going with four others so it’s not like there’s going to be a shortage of pictures. So we’ll see.


My bag is ridiculously heavy but everything fit inside. I’m trying to re-evaluate everything that’s in there, but I think it’s a “learn as you go” thing. The problem is that I don’t want to get to Ghana and have forgotten something (although to be fair everything I have read says that most things are available). I know I overpacked on clothes but they aren’t particularly heavy so I’m tempted to take them all anyway. You live, you learn!

Trust me that bag is heavier than it looks. I won’t be carrying it around much (2 days in Accra for orientation, then 5 weeks in each community) and a good portion of it is toiletries and things I will run out of that won’t be weighing down the bag for the whole trip. I guess I just keep picturing myself carrying that bag uphill and hating myself for making it so heavy.

Jord and I were supposed to go out for dinner tonight but that kind of fell through due to my procrastination (and therefore extreme stress about packing). We’re ordering in instead because I don’t think there’s any way I could have enjoyed a nice restaurant meal tonight – there’s way too much going through my head. We even got to have turkey last night because my Mom made us Thanksgiving dinner!

Looking forward to all my new experiences. Thanks again to everyone for their kind thoughts, phone calls, and overall support. Hopefully you will be hearing from me – from Ghana – soon!

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