Posted by: devonhamilton | December 6, 2010

Cooking Lesson with Mama Augusta

I am surprisingly back at the Internet cafe today so I thought I would write a quick blog post! Yesterday, Mama Augusta visited us a little earlier than usual and taught us how to make groundnut soup with chicken. We wrote down the instructions as carefully as possible and estimated measurements as best that we could – we’ll see how this recipe turns out for me when I try to make it in Toronto!

We ate the groundnut soup with rice balls (“rice guns”) and it was delicious – although I admit we mostly just watched Mama Augusta make it. Hopefully I can duplicate the recipe (we’ll see). We only have a few more meals with Mama Augusta so we are trying to be strategic about which meals we choose! Today we are having egg stew because that is a big favourite among our group… except poor Steph, who doesn’t like eggs.

My Internet time is running out so I can’t write too much, but I wanted to include this picture because I posted it on Facebook and it was well-received. I saw this man walk into a restaurant I was eating at and couldn’t believe that he was wearing a t-shirt from Newmarket High School, my high school! Second hand clothes markets are big here but this is still blew me away!

Off to finish our final report for YCI on Koforidua – hopefully I will be in touch soon!

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