About Me

Welcome to my blog!

A little about myself: I am originally from Newmarket, Ontario and have been living in Toronto for a few years. After working in an isolated Aboriginal community in 2004, I became interested in issues relating to development. Upon my return I changed the focus of my Political Science degree from International Relations to International Development. I graduated from McMaster University in 2007 and worked and volunteered for two years before entering the International Development program at Humber College, from which I graduated in June. During the year I worked as a Peer Health Educator with the College, and worked to promote a range of topics including healthy living, nutrition and mental health awareness throughout campus.  

I am strongly interested in social justice issues and education, and am hoping to pursue a career that encompasses both of these topics. Throughout the year I volunteered with Oxfam and Unicef, and through my project design course at Humber I wrote a proposal for the Christian Children’s Fund and submitted it to CIDA for funding. This proposal was for a project based in Ghana and after extensive research on the region I grew increasingly interested in basing my internship there. I am excited to not only work in this region, but also to be working with an organization that I have heard such great things about from friends and classmates. I am looking forward to putting the skills I have learned in class into practice, and to gain experience working in a new and challenging environment.  

In my spare time I enjoy movies, reading, cooking, and watching the Toronto Maple Leafs miss the playoffs.

Please feel free to contact me at devonhamilton2@gmail.com with questions or advice!

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