Write Me!

There are a few ways you can contact me while I am away. You can call me! I will send the number to my cellphone when I receive it.

Please feel free to comment on this blog anytime! I would love to hear from everyone.

You can email me at devonhamilton2@hotmail.com. I will reply when I can and will enjoy reading your emails!

Write me at:

Attention: Devon Hamilton                                                                         

Youth Challenge International

PMB 120 Airport

Accra, Ghana

I’m not sure how long mail will take but I’ve been told it can be slow. Please don’t mail anything important or of value. I will try to write back but I’m not sure how often I will be able to!


  1. Well done. You make me proud. Your observations ring in my ears from years of working in similar situations. Enjoy the differences and swim with the tide. Your comments about the men remind me of working overseas anywhere. Just remember that some of these guys are not so benign. Your work sounds like fun and your team appears to be a good match. Well done. Weather in the west is horribly cold and am leaving for the north next week. Love Di

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